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Our thanks to BBC CWR and Richard Williams for the fantastic programme (listen here) featuring the War Memorial Park on 28th December. 

Read about what we have been doing and planning (even in the shadow of the recent lockdowns and restrictions) here ….

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Dear Friends of The Park,

On the 9th July 2021, our beautiful park will turn 100.  Thank you to all those of you, who have shown interest and support for the War Memorial Park’s 100th Birthday celebrations that we have been planning.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, it has been decided to move the large-scale Birthday party element of the event, planned for July 2021, to July 2022 to mark the end of the Centenary year. 

While hoping that we wouldn’t need it, we have been developing a Plan B, which will enable some celebrations to happen this year, within the social distancing restrictions, as we all continue to work towards something much bigger when things open up again.

We will be discussing this new plan with the City Council over the next few weeks to understand what is possible, given the likelihood of ongoing restrictions on public gatherings even into July.

Trevor Cornfoot, the Chair of the Centenary Celebrations Planning Group says: “We’ll share our initiatives when everything is in place, but we’ll be doing all we can to make sure the Park has a Centenary year to remember.  Meanwhile, keep an eye on our website for some interesting announcements.”

All best wishes

On behalf of the Friends of The War Memorial Park